Wednesday, January 17, 2007

My knitting rambles

My knitting rambles

I can't belive how long it has been since i posted on here!!!!
I have finished 2 scarves, a baby blanket and have knitted and felted York from Knitty for my daughter. I kind of over felted so the skulls don't look as cool as they could but she is happy with it.
Since I have posted last My cat Speedie has delivered us 2 adorable kittens a grey and white tiger like mom and a black and white one!!!.

I have finally got some backbone by going to my Psycologist and my counselor and have told my spouse to move out of the bedroom. Next I have to tell him I would prefer him in the small room so that we can move through the house and still have our computer and big tv.

The chickens have started laying eggs and I am getting 2 more this weekend as a suprise for my daughter for her 12th birthday next week!!!
I am starting another scarf (YAWN) As I just need to find a pattern I have enough yarn to knit at home as I am trying to destash before I buy more yarn!!!
Not to hard since money is not just flying into my pockets.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Oh my I haven't been posting here for so long I am so embarrassed. Well my daughters sculpture and pictures didn't win anything BUT she got 2 red ribbons and 1 yellow for her targets from 4-H sharpshooters,My other daughter only got a yellow ribbon as she didn't keep her targets safe to enter them in the fair. The presentations went great though!!!
And once again the snake went missing, found him in a draw and put him back thought I fixed the problem and he is out again. He needs to eat so I hope I find him soom. This time I know haow to fix him so he cannot get out again! I am putting the screening inside as well as outside of his cage top!!
Well we got our chickens this year finally!!! We got a 12 week old black silky , a 14 week old silver wyndacote and a 7 month or older silver speckled Hamburg, all hens all bantams!!
I have finished nothing this summer but one baby blanket and I don't feel it is good enough to give.. I am still working on the afghan from H**l for my daughter,my shawl of odds and ends and another baby blanket.
I have been diagnosed with having a heel spur and have gotten a shot that is helping but I have to ice/heat treat it at least 2 x a day!!
In between all of this I have gotten my girls room spotlessly cleaned except for the 11 year olds closet. I dread that job and have decided that it will be a project we will tackle together!! I will hopefully have all new windows upstairs before it gets cold so that will help a whole lot this winter.Of course when your house is over 100 years old no job is easy!!My Husband is working on the bathroom and it might actually be done by Halloween, He is also working on the dining room ceiling finally so it will be nice for the holidays!! I think I might actually have dinner at my house this year.
I have to really get knitting as I want to make things for gifts for Christmas. Scarves and hats so they are easy gifts also have sewing to do
this weekend I am going to be knitting a 9x9 square or 2 for a blanket that someone from a forum I am on is making for her neighbor who's health is failing and doesn't look like he will get the transplant he needs.I figured that is something easy to do and it will use up some of my yarn. I am going to use some of the homespun mill ends that I have so it will be easy.
Well the world keeps spinning and I just need to keep things together so that we can be together. I have gotten rid of my family room furniture and things out of my dining room so I am going to be looking for "new"furniture soon. I have the battle of paint to still win so that the house is colors I want not just Beige!!!

Thursday, August 03, 2006


Yea because the snake finaly came out of the wall and now is waiting to go see the vet in the morning...

Boo cause I was so worried about the snake and getting my daughters photographed and sculpture to the state fair on time I forgot to enter my knitting!!!

WAHH Cause I have a really rotten ear infection and its been hanging on for the past week. I was hoping it would be better before the State fair started as I am there for most of it volunteering to take care of the chickens and the rare animal tent !!!

I am also ticked cause I cannot get my pictures to be on my blog or profile!!!

Have a good one! Going back to the fair grounds to see if she won ribbons!! (it is the sneak preview!!)

Monday, July 24, 2006

What got finished

Well the camping trip was a fiasco!!! The mosquito's were horrendously biting!! My kitty and I look like pincushion!!

On top of that I got poison Ivy for the first time in my life!!!

Projects finished -2 round washcloths and a top!!

Hopefully thre next tripwill be a little less buggy!!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Takeing it to the campsite!!

Well I am going to be camping for a few days (3 days maybe 4) So I am going to bring yarn to knit arm warmers ,pulse warmers , more or my stash shawl and dishclothes and washcloths!!
Lets see how much I actually get done!!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

I learned how to knit a Rope!!

Well I learned a new trick !! I had to knit a cord for my daughters Halter top and It was much easier than I thought It would be. So I am alnost done with the top so I have actually finished 2 projects this summer. My stash has not reduced by much though!! I think it is going to become school of stash next!!!!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Another happy day in NJ

I have gone to the store and resisted temptation. I have only bought the yarn to do my daughters Halter top (from Creative Knitting Mag) and to finish a second baby blanket.

Went to see the new "Pirates" movie and all I thought was "I should have brought my knitting to have something to do" It was long . The movie was okay !! On a good side my kittie ran into an old friend that moved away and was happy about that.

I have finished her halter top and now only have 2 prjects on needles. The baby blanket will be done by tommorow hopefully and the other is a mystery shawl that i am doing with small remnants off all my stash yarn so it will be very colorful.

I need to sew together the orange purse that I made from the Stich'N Bi*Ch book ( Saucy) and start the arm warmers for my girls for a color knit along.

Not buying yarn is getting easier every day!!! (I guess having no income for the summer helps ; ) }