Monday, June 26, 2006

They will not let me!!!

My kitties will not help me flash my stash. I guess they are afraid I will be tempted to buy more yarn!!! I finishe a washcloth and a scarf so far. I still need to find the yarn for the baby blanket so I can finish it.

I am going to go to one of the strip malls in NYS so Iam hoping to find what I need!!! Maybe a bribe of a trip to the mall will work??? I know they are in major need of summer clothing so I might be able to pull it off.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I am giving some away!!

I have decided to take some of the YArn I just don't know what to do with it and give it to the school for the arts and crafts program in the summer care program. I know I will not get rid of a lot of it but at least I will get rid of some of it!!

Don't you know I cannot finish the baby blanket as I ran out of yarn 50 rows from the end. I am hoping to find some more yarn to finish it other wise it will just be frogged and given up on !!!!I knew I should have started with smaller needles!!!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I GIVE UP!!!!!

Okay I give up !! I cannot find more yarn to do my second baby blanket I need to do so I am just going to wait till she has the baby and then do one for her. I am going to knit up some washcloths so that I can use up some of my cotton yarn to give her before she has the baby.

Now I am just 45 rows away fro finishing the blanket on my needles and I hope I have enough to make it to the end. I already frogged it down once and started it on smaller needles. I should have gone down farther though to be safe!!!

Well I am going to keep knitting my washcloths for a KIDS I belong to and be doing a purse, and other not so heavy on the lap type projects to keep my stash going down!! Hopefully I will make some sort of dent at least!!

I want to go camping for at least a day or 2 real soon so I can make either a scarf ,ear warmers, pulse or arm warmers while I am there and use up some of my odd balls of yarn!!! Oh Well I will see how I do on the blanket as I want to finish it tonight!!

Monday, June 19, 2006


Yup as of 1:30 EST. Today I no longer have to work as a crossing guard for the summer!!!! Yea more time to stash bust and clean!!! My knitkittie is going to be making some fabric quilts so we will be fabric stash busting also!!!

Hopefully I will find the yarn I need today as I really want to get the blanket started and done!!! Maybe I should just make her the hooded blanket in cotton for use as a bath towel?? Or should I try you (:o ) knit a baby sweater??? I don't know I cannot think today. Had a bad night sleep because I kept thinking I was going to oversleep and not get to work and my kittens would miss the last day of 7 the and 5 the grade (yup the knitkitten graduated to the middle school) YEA>>> no more school bus till high school!!!

Am planning the camping trips with my girlfriend and her kids so that we can all have some fun!! We know we are going to do the state park and Camp Taylor so we can go to the Wolf Preserve!! I cannot wait.!!!I am almost tempted to just throw some stuff in the car and drive to the camp site on Tuesday and camp till Friday!!! I will have to see what the weather looks like I hate camping in thunderstorm type weather. It would be a great chance to get lots of knitting done and to just undaunted!!
I have my girlfriends sons last ball game that we want to go to on Friday night and my daughter has to turn over her crown to the next town representative on Saturday!!! I still cannot belive it was a year all ready!!!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

OH Heck I came home with no yarn!!!!

Well I went out with the kitties today to try to find the yarn for the baby blanket I need more for and am having absolutely no luck!!! Well Maybe I will get lucky on Monday. Before that I can go through my stash and maybe get lucky and find a skein I forgot about!!! I wish I knew what she was having as I got all this great pink yarn at home!!!

Friday, June 16, 2006


Well it is Friday and i haven't bought any yarn yet!!! I need to go out and get some so I can finish my baby blanket and sweater set I am knitting!!! I cannot believe I am running out and the blanket is not finished I even went down in needle size!!

Well I am stash busting though. I took some yellow cotton yarn and made a baby hat.It came out cute!!

I am also knitting in a blue ombre cotton a dishtowel for my knitkittens teacher .

I am going to try to convince my kitties to help me lay out my stash so i can get pictures of it up here and some of the things I have knitted.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Prepare for Snow!!

My readingkitten says that it is going to snow for 3 days thus making me have to work and her go to school longer next week. All because we went shopping yesterday and didn't even park near the rag shop and when we went to Wally world I didn't even go into the yarn department!! I just cannot make myself sort the yarn into the knit with it now and into the projects I keep saying I should do to make it easier for my self. I guess if we get a good rain day to keep me from wanting to go out 2 times outside of work it will work >>>>>that or a copy of the complete second season of LOST!!!!! I definetley need to get tv reception I borrowed the dvd of the first season from the Library and got us all hooked on it. I am one of those people who need backgroung noise to clean if I am home alone....
Well never alone with all the animals in and outside of my house!!!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Oh NO!!!

what am I going to do now that I cannot buy yarn to replace the ciggie packs I gettempted to buy??? I have not bought a pack in over 7 months and have not bummed a ciggie in 4 months!!!!

Maybe I should just keep a tally and use the cash when I go to the fair to shop!!!

I am working on that first baby blanket still and have finished one more washcloth. Need to finish a KAL one that is going to teach me how to do bobbles ....

signed up for the Irish scarf kal so that will teach me cables!!

Well I will know new stiches and hopefully get rid of at least one box full of yarn!

Thats what I should do make a box of the yarn I want out by Labor day and see how well I do!!!

But first we must go to the attic and get down the summer clothing..... I am afraid that there might be yarn lurking up there!!! I mean I actually found a ball on my husbands night table shelf!!!!!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Now It starts

Okay I did my last day of yarn shopping yesterday. I hope I got all I needed. I am going to do the 2 baby bankets and a couple of wash/dish cloths and then see If can do blankets for a womens shelter that my mom's Grandmothers club donates things to. I also have a hoodie sweater that I am supposed to do for my knitkitty !!

Well off to knittyworld I go!!

Friday, June 09, 2006

My knitting rambles

My knitting rambles

well I went thru my stash and made a list of what I am allowed to buy on Sunday!!! There isn't as much needed as I thought. I even found yarn that I am going to return as I definetley have no idea what to knit with it and now my daughter doesn't like it!!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Well I am staring this as a new member of SOS Also known as Summer of Stash !! Starting Monday June 12,2006 I am not allowed to buy yarn unless it is from a garage sale at well under $1.oo a skein and it is not acrylic, from the lys if it is well under $2.00 and I can name at leat 2 things I will knit with it, and I need it to finish a WIP.

If I get past this I am going to the LYS { The one that sells all the good stuff and is not local}
My daughter Becca has the chance to beat me with a yarn skein if I fall under temptation!!!
So Home I go to get a picture of my stash as it stands right now!!