Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I GIVE UP!!!!!

Okay I give up !! I cannot find more yarn to do my second baby blanket I need to do so I am just going to wait till she has the baby and then do one for her. I am going to knit up some washcloths so that I can use up some of my cotton yarn to give her before she has the baby.

Now I am just 45 rows away fro finishing the blanket on my needles and I hope I have enough to make it to the end. I already frogged it down once and started it on smaller needles. I should have gone down farther though to be safe!!!

Well I am going to keep knitting my washcloths for a KIDS I belong to and be doing a purse, and other not so heavy on the lap type projects to keep my stash going down!! Hopefully I will make some sort of dent at least!!

I want to go camping for at least a day or 2 real soon so I can make either a scarf ,ear warmers, pulse or arm warmers while I am there and use up some of my odd balls of yarn!!! Oh Well I will see how I do on the blanket as I want to finish it tonight!!


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