Monday, June 19, 2006


Yup as of 1:30 EST. Today I no longer have to work as a crossing guard for the summer!!!! Yea more time to stash bust and clean!!! My knitkittie is going to be making some fabric quilts so we will be fabric stash busting also!!!

Hopefully I will find the yarn I need today as I really want to get the blanket started and done!!! Maybe I should just make her the hooded blanket in cotton for use as a bath towel?? Or should I try you (:o ) knit a baby sweater??? I don't know I cannot think today. Had a bad night sleep because I kept thinking I was going to oversleep and not get to work and my kittens would miss the last day of 7 the and 5 the grade (yup the knitkitten graduated to the middle school) YEA>>> no more school bus till high school!!!

Am planning the camping trips with my girlfriend and her kids so that we can all have some fun!! We know we are going to do the state park and Camp Taylor so we can go to the Wolf Preserve!! I cannot wait.!!!I am almost tempted to just throw some stuff in the car and drive to the camp site on Tuesday and camp till Friday!!! I will have to see what the weather looks like I hate camping in thunderstorm type weather. It would be a great chance to get lots of knitting done and to just undaunted!!
I have my girlfriends sons last ball game that we want to go to on Friday night and my daughter has to turn over her crown to the next town representative on Saturday!!! I still cannot belive it was a year all ready!!!


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