Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Oh NO!!!

what am I going to do now that I cannot buy yarn to replace the ciggie packs I gettempted to buy??? I have not bought a pack in over 7 months and have not bummed a ciggie in 4 months!!!!

Maybe I should just keep a tally and use the cash when I go to the fair to shop!!!

I am working on that first baby blanket still and have finished one more washcloth. Need to finish a KAL one that is going to teach me how to do bobbles ....

signed up for the Irish scarf kal so that will teach me cables!!

Well I will know new stiches and hopefully get rid of at least one box full of yarn!

Thats what I should do make a box of the yarn I want out by Labor day and see how well I do!!!

But first we must go to the attic and get down the summer clothing..... I am afraid that there might be yarn lurking up there!!! I mean I actually found a ball on my husbands night table shelf!!!!!


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