Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Prepare for Snow!!

My readingkitten says that it is going to snow for 3 days thus making me have to work and her go to school longer next week. All because we went shopping yesterday and didn't even park near the rag shop and when we went to Wally world I didn't even go into the yarn department!! I just cannot make myself sort the yarn into the knit with it now and into the projects I keep saying I should do to make it easier for my self. I guess if we get a good rain day to keep me from wanting to go out 2 times outside of work it will work >>>>>that or a copy of the complete second season of LOST!!!!! I definetley need to get tv reception I borrowed the dvd of the first season from the Library and got us all hooked on it. I am one of those people who need backgroung noise to clean if I am home alone....
Well never alone with all the animals in and outside of my house!!!


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