Monday, July 10, 2006

Another happy day in NJ

I have gone to the store and resisted temptation. I have only bought the yarn to do my daughters Halter top (from Creative Knitting Mag) and to finish a second baby blanket.

Went to see the new "Pirates" movie and all I thought was "I should have brought my knitting to have something to do" It was long . The movie was okay !! On a good side my kittie ran into an old friend that moved away and was happy about that.

I have finished her halter top and now only have 2 prjects on needles. The baby blanket will be done by tommorow hopefully and the other is a mystery shawl that i am doing with small remnants off all my stash yarn so it will be very colorful.

I need to sew together the orange purse that I made from the Stich'N Bi*Ch book ( Saucy) and start the arm warmers for my girls for a color knit along.

Not buying yarn is getting easier every day!!! (I guess having no income for the summer helps ; ) }


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