Wednesday, January 17, 2007

My knitting rambles

My knitting rambles

I can't belive how long it has been since i posted on here!!!!
I have finished 2 scarves, a baby blanket and have knitted and felted York from Knitty for my daughter. I kind of over felted so the skulls don't look as cool as they could but she is happy with it.
Since I have posted last My cat Speedie has delivered us 2 adorable kittens a grey and white tiger like mom and a black and white one!!!.

I have finally got some backbone by going to my Psycologist and my counselor and have told my spouse to move out of the bedroom. Next I have to tell him I would prefer him in the small room so that we can move through the house and still have our computer and big tv.

The chickens have started laying eggs and I am getting 2 more this weekend as a suprise for my daughter for her 12th birthday next week!!!
I am starting another scarf (YAWN) As I just need to find a pattern I have enough yarn to knit at home as I am trying to destash before I buy more yarn!!!
Not to hard since money is not just flying into my pockets.


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